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This company was founded in 1978 and is dedicated to the extraction, processing and sale of products made with semiprecious stones typical of Uruguay (Artigas).

Processed from a natural state; we produce fine jewelry, costume jewelry and other decorative articles that represent Uruguayan craftsmanship around the world.

Owning one of our products will give you millions of years of history that has been finely worked to develop top quality stones in one of a wide variety of handicrafts. From a fine piece of jewelry that has been carved and assembled by craftsmen, to a decorative item carefully designed to transform the stone without taking away its natural beauty, or a useful decoration for your home or office.

Natural stones from Uruguay, with the warmth of the craftsmen of Uruguay have the power of nature to decorate, beautify and illuminate your most precious spaces.

Mining permits are granted by the National Directorate if Mining and Geology and takes place in the northern region of Artigas. Backhoe machines are used in open mining to remove any basalt damaged by water and extract the minerals required (agate, amethyst, quartz etc.).

When it comes to using explosives for mining, you can work in two ways:

  1. Removing any basalt with explosives due to their consistency or toughness.
  2. Building a wall more than 5 meters, using high explosives followed by controlled explosions to form caves that are then formed into tunnels to penetrate the basalt and thus explosion the geodes. If the geodes are of a good size and quality then the minerals are extracted as a whole, which is more difficult and expensive, but ultimately more profitable as well. If this is not feasible the minerals are blasted out and the smaller fragments are then collected.

In this matter we must distinguish between:

  1. Formation macrocrystalline (amethysts, quartz, topaz citrine)
  2. Formation microcrystalline (agates)

Firstly, and mainly in the case of amethysts, they are classified according to quality. The purest examples undergo a hammering process to extract the gem without defects; they are later graded and will be used for the production of pieces of fine jewelry.

Lesser stones are polished to make costume jewelry or combined with other materials and crafted into other decorative items.

The agates are cut with diamond saws, shaped, polished and used for beautiful jewelry or a wide variety of decorative items.


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